Eyeglass Repair

We offer a variety of repair services with quick turnaround; from just a few minutes to 24 hours. From a simple nose pad or screw replacement to a more difficult spring hinge repair.  We have the latest iWeld laser welding machine which can repair frames without scorching the finish like traditional soldering.  

We stock thousands of single vision lenses and can get just about any power the next day so broken or badly scratched lenses can be replaced quickly.  If your frame is beyond repair, we can still salvage your lenses and fit them into smaller frame using our on site lab. 

While we can fix just about anything, we recommend you text a picture to our office at 480-726-3445 and we will give you an honest answer up front.  

The price list is below.  As a reminder, all of our frames carry at least a one year warranty.  If you purchased from us and are outside of the warranty, most repairs are at no charge.

Perfect Focus Eyecare
Frame Repair

Frame Repair
ReplaceScrew Replace Screw
In Stock $5.00
NosepadReplace Nose Pad Replacement
In Stock $5.00
TempeCovers Add Temple Covers
In Stock $5.00
DrillScrew Drill And Replace Screw
In Stock $10.00
HingeRepair Hinge Repair
In Stock $20.00
FuseZyl Fuze Zyl Bridge
In Stock $20.00
NosepadAdd Add Nose Pads To Zyl Frame
In Stock $20.00
SingleSolder Solder Repair (single)
In Stock $25.00
DoubleSolder Solder Repair (double)
In Stock $40.00
LaserWeld Laser Welding
In Stock $50.00